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Features to help you Prepare a Service

Create a Playlist in advance
Choose any song or hymn you can imagine
Use Bible verses
Include your liturgy
Add presentations

Create a Playlist in advance

  • Have everything ready in a simple, single list
  • As easy as “drag and drop”
  • Prepare from anywhere: Create a Playlist at home and email the file to the church computer

Playlists make it easy to prepare for a service

Choose any song or hymn you can imagine

  • Import songs directly into Words of Worship
  • Share songs with other users
  • Write your own songs

Use Bible verses

  • NIV Bible included at no extra cost [footnote: Standard version]

  • The New International version is the best selling modern English Bible translation in the world [source: Hodder Headline]
  • Reference finder quickly locates chosen references

Include your liturgy

  • Import or type-in your own liturgy
  • Share with other churches

Add presentations

  • Built in support for Microsoft PowerPoint, including animations [footnote: requires PowerPoint]
  • Make your talks more memorable
  • Create a welcome screen with notices to display before and after services

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