Words of Worship Song Lyric Projection Software for Churches, Schools and Christian Events

Words of Worship

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It’s easy to get started:

  • Simple Windows interface
  • NEW! Easy setup wizards guide you through installation
  • Optional easy to use templates
  • Use the built-in high quality font styles and colours or create your own
  • Global templates help you achieve a consistent design across all your songs
  • Get the best picture with multiple outputs
  • UNIQUE! Use a mixture of monitors/projectors, or position or projectors in different types of location. Give each screen a different setting for maximum clarity and readability. E.g. use different sized fonts, different areas on different screens and more.
  • Still as easy to use as ever: transparent to the operator, who simply selects the current line of the song as before. Words of Worship does all the calculations to allow each screen to show the ideal view of the selected line based on its specific settings. So once it’s set up, you can forget all about it!

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